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If you have a flair for organisation and processes or an interest in management, business administration might be the career path for you. A business administrator is responsible for assisting a company with the organisation, scheduling, management and coordination of its day-to-day operations.

Whether you see yourself working in data entry, office administration or as an executive assistant, a business administration course will prepare you for a variety of career options and ensure you receive the quality education you need to succeed in the business world.

Here are some of the top reasons to get your Certificate III in Business Administration.

Develop Imperative Business Skills  

In order to achieve business success in your career, you need to be equipped with the expertise to hit the ground running. A business administration course will teach you a broad range of skills in general business operations that are applicable to the real world. Whether it’s improving your typing speed and accuracy or developing interpersonal skills that help you become a pro at customer service, you’ll use knowledge learnt from your qualification in all your business administration jobs.  

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Completing your Certificate III in Business Administration will open many doors in various industries such as human resources, marketing, accounting, customer service and more. Every organisation requires individuals who possess foundational knowledge and skills in business so rest assured you will have plenty of business administration jobs to choose from once qualified.

Challenge Yourself

Almost all business administration jobs will require you to problem solve when issues arise and make decisions that will keep the company running smoothly and at a profit. If you are someone who loves a challenge and thinks you’d be a pro at solving practical problems, a business administration course would suit you.  

Earn a Decent Wage

According to, an annual business administration salary in Australia averages between $55,000 – $65,000. When you have the training and experience in administration, you can expect to earn above the average starting salary because you’ll be able to handle a greater variety of tasks. There is also a projected job growth of 12.1% predicted in the next five years, meaning you can count on there being plenty of employment opportunities once you’ve completed your course.

Work with People

Consider yourself a people person? Working in a business administration job means dealing with people day in and day out – whether it’s your fellow colleagues in the office or providing excellent customer service for your business’s clientele. So, if you love interacting with others, you will enjoy the experience of working in office administration.

Potential for Professional Growth

No matter if you’re a rookie in the business sector or an experienced professional looking to upskill, a qualification in business administration will be able to open doors to advanced opportunities. You can use your certificate as a stepping-stone into Business Management or to secure your position in an entry-level job and work your way up the company in your desired department.

Get your Certificate III in Business Administration with MyPath Education.

There are so many reasons to consider business administration as a career. If you’re ready to make your start in the industry, contact MyPath Education to discuss enrolling in a Certificate III in Business Administration today.