Providing full-time, part-time and school-based training opportunities, MyPath Education offers traineeships and apprenticeships in QLD. We work with your employer to develop a custom training plan so you can earn while you learn in a role that caters to your career ambitions.

The industry you want to work in will determine whether you need to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. Apprentice training involves mastering trades-based skills through hands-on learning, while traineeships help students acquire the knowledge needed to work in vocational areas, such as early childhood education.

MyPath Education can help you get qualified by explaining the steps involved with completing an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Starting an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

Embarking on an apprenticeship or traineeship is easy with MyPath Education. We work with your employer to organise a suitable training arrangement to ensure you achieve the right balance of practical training and theory-based learning.

You don’t need a school certificate to start an apprenticeship, although you must be employed full-time or part-time and have access to a workplace relevant to the qualification.

From school-leavers to mature-aged workers, apprenticeships and traineeships are open to almost anyone of legal working age. Whether you’re just entering the workforce, returning to work after taking a break, or looking to upgrade your skillset, MyPath Education can help you get qualified.

Before starting an apprenticeship, it’s important to be aware of the eligibility requirements in QLD relating to:

  • Age
  • Visa restrictions
  • Earnings
  • Training arrangements.

MyPath Education can help determine whether you meet all the necessary criteria.

Apprenticeship Training Courses

The apprenticeship training courses at MyPath Education are grouped into the following categories:

Each category includes a number of courses designed to teach you the skills needed to succeed in your chosen industry. Regardless of your preference for studying full-time, part-time, or via a school-based training program, enrolling in the right course is key to success. If you’re not sure which apprenticeship or traineeship would best suit your needs, MyPath Education can help you choose the right qualification.

Payment Options

MyPath Education offers a range of payment options to suit each student’s unique situation. Australia’s Federal and State Governments acknowledge the value in investing in training programs, and provide several funding incentives for traineeships and apprenticeships in QLD.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for the following State Government incentives:

  • State funding (which includes the VET In Schools program)
  • Federal incentives
  • Industry funding
  • BERT Training Fund.

Even if you’re not eligible for any government funding incentives, MyPath Education also offers flexible Study Now, Pay Later options. You can pay for your course on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, with up to 12 months interest-free payment plans available.

Invest in your career with MyPath Education by exploring all your funding options today.

Important Information

To speak with us about apprenticeships and traineeships, please contact MyPath Education to discuss your options today. You can also find out more about the training opportunities we provide by clicking on the links below.