Case manager introducing herself to a senior citizen

Community services case managers are a vital part of society, helping vulnerable community members access valuable services. As well as the chance to better people’s lives, being a case worker also offers great job security, with community services jobs expected to see very strong growth according to Job Outlook.

Here’s how you can become a case worker and start making a real difference in the community.

Understand the Role

Before diving into the world of community services case management, it’s important to know exactly what this industry entails. As you’ll be working with some of the most vulnerable members of society in their time of need, you may come across confronting scenarios.

This might include coming face-to-face with issues such as substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness. You’ll also need to liaise with people from diverse backgrounds, and therefore have an open-minded and accepting nature. 

Some of the tasks you’ll be in charge of as a community services case manager could include:

  • Writing up plans to discuss with clients and stakeholders
  • Connecting clients to the services they need (i.e. medical, housing, legal, Centrelink)
  • Organising appointments and meetings
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Solving problems and encouraging progress.

Get Qualified

While around a quarter of case managers have a bachelor’s degree, it’s certainly not a necessity. If you’re looking for a qualification to kickstart your career as a case manager, consider something like a Diploma of Community Services. Studying a diploma online will allow you to balance your studies with other life commitments.

Decide if You Want to Specialise

Once you’ve obtained the required training, you may want to think about your area of specialisation. This might include working with people who have disabilities, supporting at-risk youth, or assisting with employment services. Choosing a specialisation will help you identify an area you are truly passionate about, so you can get to know your clients on a deeper level.

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