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Major Training take the health and wellbeing of all of our Clients and their teams, our own team members and the families of all very seriously. Health and safety are our top priorities and as a result, we have taken a number of proactive steps in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our team will follow hygiene protocol and we will follow advice from the Commonwealth and the World Health Organisation regarding travel, hygiene practices and risk minimisation.

Major Training team members follow all advice provided by the Department of Health, including:

• Hygiene practice as below

• Travel Advice

• Risk minimization

Major Training team members are proactive and will practice self-screening prior to attending your facility. This includes:

• Checking for symptoms as advised by the Department of Health

If a risk of contact with an infected person, or if symptoms are detected*, Major Training team will:

• Visit a GP for testing

• Practice self-isolation

*NO Major Training team members have been diagnosed with COVID-19; knowingly been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or travelled to any country or region regarded as high risk by the Australian Government in the last 14 days.

Major Training team members follow hygiene practice advice provided by the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation, including:

• Frequent Hand washing

• Following respitory hygiene such as covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing with an elbow or tissue

• Maintaining social distancing from anyone coughing or sneezing

• Avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth



On Site Training in a client’s workplace:

Many of our Trainers deliver training on site, in a client’s workplace. Major Training Groups field staff will ensure they adhere to Major Training Group procedures and also follow instructions and procedures as directed by our clients. When training on site our trainers generally only work in small groups, if not one on one. Student progression is important to us and we can be flexible in our approach to training delivery, we have a number of e-learning and e-meeting platforms we can utitlise if suitable to keep training moving forward.

Structured days, Short Programs and Classroom based training:

Major Training Groups Trainers will continue to run class based programs. These classes often have small numbers of 3-10 persons. Classes may be relocated to a Major Training facility or may utlilise use of an elearning platform or e-meeting platform to continue progressing through structured study schedules. Students attending and staff facilitating any of our face to face programs will be required to follow our hygiene procedures.

This document will be updated as required in accordance with the changing situation and any updated recommendations or requirements.