Hiring a trainee in aged care concept

Thinking about hiring a trainee or apprentice?

Combining study with practical training, traineeships and apprenticeships are a great way for students to get on-the-job experience while completing a qualification.

Hiring an apprentice or trainee can also provide your business with some great benefits. From financial incentives to increased staff retention, discover why hiring a trainee is an investment worth making.

1. It’s a Great Way to Recruit Staff

If you’re looking to strengthen your workforce, hiring a trainee or apprentice is the perfect way to recruit staff and avoid future skill shortages.

The best part is, you can train them to your business-specific standards, focusing on the particular skills required for your business so they’re an ideal fit for your workplace.

2. It’s a Cost-Effective Way to Get more Hands on Deck

The wages of trainees and apprentices are less than those of qualified employees, so hiring them is a more affordable way to increase your resources.

3. It Can Increase Staff Retention

Investing time and money into your trainee or apprentice’s training will make them feel valued, and likely loyal to your business.

By giving students the chance to enhance their skillset and gain qualifications for employment in your workplace, they’ll probably stay with you once they’ve completed their course.

4. It Keeps Your Business Current

Legislation and regulations are always changing, so teaching your apprentice current industry standards will ensure your existing staff also stay up to date. This means your business will remain future-ready, giving you an edge against competitors.

5. You Could get Funding from the Government

Taking on an apprentice or trainee may make you eligible for financial incentives from the Australian and state governments, such as payroll tax rebates.

If you’re considering hiring a trainee or apprentice while they complete their qualification in individual care, business administration and sales, or business, leadership and management, MyPath Education can work with you to provide apprenticeships in Queensland to suitable candidates.

You can read more about hiring an apprentice or trainee including employer responsibilities, apprenticeship training courses, and costs and incentives here. Or you can call our helpful staff on 07 3489 7777 to learn more.