Group of young people studying

Deciding which direction to take with your career can be a tough decision. It can be especially overwhelming if there are several different industries that appeal to you at once or when everyone around you seems to have one clear calling for their dream career.

Whether you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to do or you’re feeling a little lost, we offer some advice to help you answer that niggling question of what course should I study?

Consider Your Interests

Your hobbies and interests aren’t random; they may lead you to a job that doesn’t even feel like work! Before you beat yourself up for not having a calling, consider the things you enjoy doing and are passionate about. Can you align these interests to your career? Whether it’s caring for animals, talking to the elderly, or trying new recipes, your hobbies and interests can help you choose an industry or subject area to aim for.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Consider Your Skills

Once you’ve identified what you like doing, it’s just as important to think about what you’re good at doing.

Unfortunately, it’s not always enough to simply turn what you enjoy into a career (otherwise we’d all be professional singers and food critics). Be realistic about what areas you might be able to make a career and the skills needed.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you want to get your hands dirty, or does a desk job sound more appealing? Can you see yourself working nightshifts and weekends, or would you prefer a 9-5 weekday role? Does in-class learning fit around your schedule, or are you more interested in online learning?

It’s important to consider what career would best suit your preferred lifestyle and future aspirations. This can also help eliminate industries and roles that you don’t think you’d enjoy.

Whatever direction you choose to take, MyPath Education can provide flexible, reliable training options. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about our online learning in Australia.