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Being an effective leader is more than just being the manager or the boss, it means that they possess qualities and traits which establish them as the driving force in the company. This article aims to identify what these qualities are and how successful leaders use them to excel in their respective business.

How To Develop Good Leadership Qualities?

It’s easy to think that you must be born with certain traits and qualities in order to be a successful leader in business, but we don’t believe that’s true. Most leadership traits, like the ones below, can be learned and honed over time with enough practice. With purposeful action and a little patience, people can integrate these traits into their own lives and transform how they work as a leader.  

The Qualities of a Good Leader or Manager

Effective Communicator

A good leader is a great speaker, but a great leader is also a good listener. Knowing when to stop and listen to the team is the sign of a healthy team dynamic and shows that the leader values their team’s opinion. When it comes to communicating their own ideas, effective leaders are able to clearly and precisely explain to their team everything from higher goals to specific tasks.

Responsibility and Holding Themselves Accountable

When they make mistakes, effective leaders hold themselves accountable and take responsibility, which in turn helps their team learn from example. Even when the team makes a mistake or misses the mark in some way, the leader is always there to lift the team back up without placing blame on anyone else.

Clearly Set Goals and Work Towards Them

It’s the leader’s job to set goals but how to do they keep themselves and others working towards them? By crunching the goals down to size and make them rungs on a ladder, one step at a time. Being part of a team that is led by a leader with this quality will help to boost individual confidence and offer a sense of progress which will maintain productivity.

Growth Mindset

People who have a growth mindset believe that even if they struggle with certain skills, their abilities aren’t set in stone. They think that with persistence and enthusiasm, their skills can improve over time. As a leader in business, this perspective has far-reaching effects if applied to how they run the business and lead the time. Every time there are challenges and setbacks, it’s the leader with a growth mindset that can instill confidence in a doubtful team.

Promotes Teamwork

At the end of the day, a leader can only be as effective as their team. Without that element of teamwork, a workplace can become stagnate and the work itself can suffer. A good leader understands that teamwork is the pillar that holds up any business and always seeks to uplift their team by seeking out different opinions and perspectives. A good leader also understands their team and their different skills and expertise, so that everyone can add to the success of the business.


Enjoying what you do and having that show in how you carry yourself is a great way to authentically have people rally around you. A good leader doesn’t have to be the most charismatic or the funniest, but they can approach their work with some levity that portrays their passion for what they do.

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