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Online learning has been a fantastic development in the world of education for many people – especially those who like to work at their own pace. But with online learning experiencing a big surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have come to see that there are plenty of online learning advantages that previously had not been considered.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider studying courses online instead of the classroom.

1. Online Courses Are Flexible And Fit Into Your Life

We think this is the best thing about online learning. No matter the lifestyle you lead, if you have a keen interest and want to learn, you will be able to find a way to study. For instance, if you work a full-time job but are looking to upskill or change careers, you can study before or after work (or even on the weekend if you’re keen!) at your own pace. This essentially allows you to set up the work-life-study balance that benefits you the most.

Additionally, online learning can be done wherever you choose: all you need is an Internet connection and a computer. There’s no more commuting to a campus or classroom – instead, you can study from your living room couch. This also means that you can access courses online that may have previously been locked to a certain campus location.

2. Self-Paced Learning Allows You to Fully Grasp Concepts

As a child at school, did you ever feel that your teachers moved through topics and concepts too quickly for you? Were you uncomfortable asking questions? One of the best online education benefits is that, since you will be learning at your own pace, it gives you a chance to revise concepts and lessons that you may not have understood. This allows you to better absorb material. You can pause videos and lectures to take notes, and work at your own speed to ensure you’re really taking in your lessons.

Self-paced learning also has great emotional benefits that are often overlooked. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated for example, you can simply step away from the computer and take some time for yourself. Online learning also helps to alleviate boredom that you may otherwise experience in a traditional classroom setting.

3. Your Time Management Skills Improve

It can be challenging balancing learning, work and family – really, it takes a certain amount of skill to be able to handle all three. Online learning teaches you the value of your time and will teach you how to get the very best out of it. Because you don’t have a physical space and a face-to-face teacher to keep you on track, studying courses online puts the scheduling in your hands. Over time, you will learn to keep to a schedule and meet deadlines regularly, allowing you to practice managing your time and staying productive.

This is another online learning advantage – being able to let future or current employers know that you have the time management skills to get work done.

4. Online Learning Improves Self-Motivation

When you don’t have a face-to-face tutor keeping you in check, you need to continue your studies online by utilizing your own self-motivation. This is a skill that takes some time to learn, but when you complete your education online, you’ll find that you’ve learned to tackle multiple tasks, set priorities and adapt to changing conditions.

After all, it takes a strong person to take hold of the reigns of their education and delve into the material that is being taught. If you find that you’re already a self-motivated individual, online learning could be just what you need.

5. You Will Gain New Technical Skills

Prior to online work and study being the new norm, not everybody knew about online collaboration software such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams – but now, many people are learning new technical skills as they adapt to working and studying in a different environment. As part of your coursework, you will come across new digital learning resources, including new tools and software, and over time even learn to troubleshoot common issues.

Learning to collaborate online with fellow students will also be beneficial in the future, and shows potential employers that you can work in a number of different environments.

6. You’ll be Supported From Day One

In a traditional learning setting, you can likely only talk about your studies with your teacher during working hours. However, when both you and your teacher are online, communication actually broadens. When you participate in online learning, you’ll be able to talk to your professor via email, live chat, or over phone if your need assistance or feedback, which in turn helps to improve your online learning experience.

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