Disability Support worker

Disability support workers are responsible for providing care to people with disabilities. They may work in hospitals, nursing homes, residential care centres, and other health care settings. Becoming a successful disability support worker requires certain skills and qualities.

MyPath offers the individual Support in Disability Skill Set Course CHCSS00073 along with the Certificate III in Individual support – Disability stream so that you are qualified for the role. Now apart from a qualification, you will also need personal qualities to excel in this role. This article will explore the top qualities of great disability support workers, so you can decide if this is the right career path for you.

Empathetic & Compassionate

It’s essential for disability support workers to be empathetic and compassionate towards their patients. This means being able to recognize their feelings without judgement or making assumptions. Being genuinely invested in helping others will go a long way towards creating meaningful relationships between the patient and caregiver that can result in better outcomes overall.  

Don’t Assume

One of the most important qualities of a successful disability support worker is not assuming anything about their patients. Each person with a disability has different needs and abilities. Therefore it’s so important to truly get to know them before giving any advice or making any assumptions. A common assumption is assuming what they can or cannot do. It’s also important for disability support workers to not make assumptions about what someone needs based on their diagnosis or situation; everyone is unique and deserves individualized attention and care.


Providing quality care for someone with a disability takes patience and understanding. Disability support workers must be able to remain patient even in difficult situations and understand that progress takes time. Patience is key when working with people who need special accommodations or extra help in order to complete tasks; no matter how hard it gets, remaining calm and patient can make all the difference in providing quality care.

Positive & Encouraging

Successful disability support workers must remain positive and encouraging, even in the tougher times. Not only does this help create an environment where patients feel safe and supported, but it also helps motivate them. This motivation can help patients to stay engaged in activities or therapy sessions. A good attitude is contagious, so having an upbeat outlook can help boost morale in times of stress or difficulty.

Working as a disability support worker is both challenging and rewarding; however, it’s important to have certain qualities if you want to be successful in this role. If these qualities come naturally to you, then pursuing this career path could be incredibly fulfilling. With jobs plentiful around Australia due to rapid industry growth, now could be the perfect time to start your journey into becoming an amazing Disability Support Worker! If you are interest in starting this journey, call us today on 07 3489 7777 or visit website.