MyPath Education’s Diploma of Community Services can help you take the next step towards a fulfilling career. This qualification develops the skills and understanding required to act as a genuine agent of change in the community. Through a combination of practical and theoretical assignments, students are taught how to manage, coordinate and deliver services to vulnerable individuals and groups.

The community services sector encompasses thousands of jobs in social services, welfare, counselling, individual support and more. If you’re unsure of Diploma in Community Services job outcomes, these are some of the employment opportunities available to graduates.

Child Welfare Officer

Often employed by government agencies, child welfare officers are tasked with assessing, investigating and advising on cases involving minors. Deciding if minors are living in unsafe situations is one of this role’s key responsibilities. If a minor is being exposed to abuse, neglect or unlawful activities, it’s the job of a child welfare officer to notify the relevant authorities and recommend steps to protect the child involved.

Child welfare officers must be familiar with legal processes and regulations to effectively advocate on behalf of children. The Diploma of Community Services provides the foundational knowledge needed to work in this sector.

Residential Care (Child Protection)

Residential care is designed to provide minors who can’t live at home with accommodation. Staff who work in residential care facilities are responsible for maintaining a safe and homely environment for children of varying ages.

As young people who live in out-of-home facilities have often been exposed to trauma, residential care workers must have the skills to provide emotional support while also offering practical assistance in the day-to-day running of the facility.

There are many responsibilities involved with residential care work, including:

  • Providing round-the-clock supervision of minors
  • Helping with cooking, cleaning and recreational activities
  • Overseeing therapeutic intervention
  • Supporting residents in their daily living activities.

The 8 core units of learning included in the Diploma of Community Services teach a range of skills that can be applied in residential care roles.

Community Services Case Manager

Case managers play a vital role in community services. Providing ongoing management and support of recurring issues, the key purpose of this role is to help people get their lives back on track. Generally speaking, case managers assist vulnerable individuals in difficult situations by offering advice, connecting them with essential services, and developing plans for their treatment and recovery.

From addiction and homelessness to family violence and mental illness, case managers often deal with difficult and complex issues. Most case managers in the community services sector work for state or federal government agencies.

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