We would like to do a special student spotlight on MyPath student Rossana. Rossanna is proof there are no obstacles or boundaries in achieving your dream with the right support. 

After caring for her husband due to terminal illness, Rossanna needed to find a way to re-enter the workforce to support herself. Not only to be diagnosed with cancer herself. The challenges with treatment, grief and illness become a full-time concern for Rossanna. 

But she didn’t let that stop her. 

She enrolled in the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support with MyPath. This course would see her gain the skills and right qualification to enter the work force and care for others. 

Another problem for Rossanna occurred, she didn’t own a computer or laptop. Rosanna utilised the facilities and services of Logan West Library in Brown Plains, working extremely hard to achieve her qualification whilst undergoing chemotherapy and working part time in the industry.

She really is proof that many of our excuses are exactly that, excuses. You really can put anything you set your mind in too and Rossanna did just that.

After her hard work and dedication, Mypath is incredibly proud to congratulate Rossana in obtaining her CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support.

We know Rossanna is going to do amazing job caring for others, whilst still trying to care for herself. 

You can do it too.

Graduation award

Are you in a similar position to Rossanna? Do you have a difficult schedule to work around but still need the training to help you enhance your career? 

Unlike other RTOs who have set course dates, we are proud to say that we adjust our courses to fit our students’ schedules.  

Not only do we offer face-to-face learning but also online and hybrid study options. If you have a busy lifestyle or personal commitments that stop you from face-to-face learning options, online study may be the best course for you. 

Benefits of online learning include:


Online study allows you to study where and when you want. It gives you the freedom to not worry about strict timetables and deadlines. Instead, lets you study and do the work when it suits you best. 


There are plenty of funding options available to ensure that our courses are accessible for anyone who wants to learn. You may be eligible for government funding options or a Study Now and Pay Later payment plan to help make your course fees more affordable.


We offer courses that are recognised across Australia. Meaning you can study online from anywhere in Australia and get a job in the field in your chosen location. 

Expert Support

Online course trainers offer the same support as face-to-face teachers. Our trainers will be there for you when you need help or motivation. 

Whatever your circumstance, we are dedicated to help you receive the training you need. 

We at MyPath Education are a team, dedicated in providing you support, ensuring your goal is achieved, regardless of the challenges for the best outcome. 

Please reach out to us on 07 3489 7777 or visit our website for more information on finding the right path for you.