The community services sector is one of the largest employers in Australia. If you want to study community services, choosing the right qualification is an important step. Whether you’re aiming to specialise in aged care, disability support or another area, there are many exciting career pathways to choose from in this field.

Join us as we explore some of the most rewarding opportunities in community care jobs.

Aged Care

Aged care

Aged care workers are responsible for the care, companionship, and supervision of elderly people. They can work in residential facilities, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and the homes of their clients. Australia’s ageing population has placed increased pressure on the aged care sector, creating strong demand for qualified carers.

Job Outcomes

  • Home care assistant
  • Aged care nurse
  • Aged care home coordinator.


Mental Health Services

Mental health services

Mental health support makes up an essential part of the community services sector. Tasked with supporting communities by providing access to counselling and other support services, mental health workers have a high level of responsibility.

Job Outcomes

  • Drug and alcohol counsellor
  • Mental health social worker
  • Mental health clinician.


Disability Support

Disability support workers deliver specialised care to individuals living with a disability. They work in care homes, hospitals, and other care environments. A disability support workers’ day-to-day tasks can vary but are generally focussed on improving their client’s comfort, health and social enrichment.

Job Outcomes:

  • Disability support worker
  • Care home manager


Youth Worker

Youth workers play a crucial role in protecting children who may be at risk. From helping families improve their home environment to finding out-of-home care for minors, they perform a range of essential tasks to protect vulnerable young people.  

Job Outcomes

  • Child welfare officer
  • Residential youth worker


If you’re passionate about helping people but aren’t sure which specialisation would best suit your interests, MyPath Education can help. Please contact us to learn more about our community services qualifications.