first aid

Learning first aid is important for many reasons. In addition to teaching you how to respond in emergency situations, undertaking first aid training can also improve your career prospects and increase confidence in the workplace. Discover the best reasons to undertake first aid training and how to get your certification.

Why is first aid training important?

First and foremost, first aid training is important because it saves lives. From minor accidents to major health emergencies, first aid can be applied in a wide range of situations. Life threatening events can occur anywhere and knowing what to do in a situation where someone has been injured or fallen ill can make a big difference to the final outcome.

According to the Red Cross, 15% of motor vehicle accident deaths could be prevented if first aid was administered before paramedics arrived. This shows the significant impact first aid can have in emergency situations, and the importance of learning how to administer it properly.

Career Benefits

While potentially saving lives and reducing the harm of injuries and illness is the main benefit of knowing first aid, it can also benefit your career. Many workplaces require staff members to be trained in first aid, so getting your first aid certificate can open doors to more job opportunities.

Even if the role doesn’t require first aid training, it can help you stand out among other applicants. Although managers in low-risk workplaces may not consider first aid training essential for all employees, they might still see the benefits in having at least one person on staff who would know what to do in a medical emergency.

Workplace Confidence

By offering first aid training, businesses can show their employees that they genuinely care about safety in the workplace. A lot of companies say they’re serious about keeping staff safe but training up your staff members will show you actually mean business. If you’re trying to improve your company’s culture, first aid training can also be used as a team bonding exercise.

First aid courses can also promote safer practises amongst employees. If somebody falls ill or injures themselves in an accident at work, your team will know what to do.

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